Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Grandson

By this time you all know that we have a new grandson. What a blessing! Kayla is out there right now spending time with Micah and Allie and "bonding" with her new nephew. I can't wait until time for us to go -- in how many days? Let's see . . . today is the 20th . . . until Nov. 6 . . . . 17 days. Scott asked me today what we were going to do all the time we were there. That answer was easy for me. I told him I was going to sit and rock my grandson! If I can figure it out, I will post a couple of pictures with this blog. Here goes . . .

(It didn't work -- kept getting an error message; Oh well)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

My parents' 60th anniversary was last Thursday (Oct. 4). I put the following in our local paper in honor of the occasion.

"My parents', Chuck and Iva Burkitt, 60th anniversary is this week. I think that deserves special recognition. I am the oldest of eight children. Among us, we have 34 grandchildren. Our children are having children now, so the list of greatgrandchildren is growing.
I want to publicly thank them for the rock-solid foundation they gave us for our marriages and for life in general. They would be the first to tell you that it wasn't them, but the Lord who made the difference in our lives - and that is true. But it was their example and willingness to be used by Him that we saw on a daily basis.
I am still learning from their example. As they are getting older, they continue to display constant love and care for one another and they just enjoy being together as they always did. I hope Scott and I can grow old like that. They are living examples of the fruit of lifetime commitment carried over the long haul.